James Andrews

Email: zaphos (at) gmail . com

Hi, I make video games and artist tools! I was a PhD student advised by Carlo Séquin. I wrote a master's thesis for Avideh Zakhor before that. In undergrad I was a computer science major at Carnegie Mellon University. I have a blog that is mostly filled with doodles and pictures.

Selected Works

Academic: Games/Toys*: Fiction**: Animations: GSI-ing: I've been a GSI (aka TA) for CS184 Computer Graphics three times, and worked on developing the assignment set+framework for the class. Here's the latest assignment set I helped create.

* my games are sometimes linked to my forum nickname 'Zaphos', which I thought sounded really cool in middle school and haven't changed since.
** note that some of my fiction is actually published under the name James Lawder, because pen names are awesome. I'm not even sure which ones I did that for now, though, so I list it all under my actual name.
Apparently I have issues with nicknames.

Some extra stuff

More games: Another animation: The Manlauncher (2009) -- a (translated) poem by Henri Michaux which I read and animated as a solo project using Flash.

Course-related processing applets:
(these are all java applets made with processing)
(<- click)