Endless Frog Kids

A log of versions of Endless Frog Kids for your enjoyment:
Latest! -> Version .81 (attempt at smoothing the introduction by simplifying 'Carry Me' and adding a couple more intro levels)

older versions:
Version .8 (a couple more levels)
Version .7 (level culling + design tweaks)
Version .6 (now even more 'turn-based'; cleaned up mechanics a bit; fixed previous bugs w/ undo & anim)
Version .5 (now with ... doors!)
Version .4 (Totally remade version in using haxe! Also has undo support & is probably less buggy!)
Version .37 (applet) (Version .37 downloadable -- use if the java applet doesn't work)
Version .35
Version .32
Version .31
Version .03
Version .001